Dry Rot Treatments

Boron treatments for Dry Rot in wood and masonry

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Boron based treatments for Dry Rot

'Boron', as Boric Acidl, is used as a Dry Rot treatment chemical in the form of a white powder, dissolved in water. This clear, odourless solution soaks into wood, plaster, bricks and mortar to kill the Dry Rot fungus. Boron is unique in being capable of stopping the spread of both Dry Rot and Wet Rots, as well as killing many types of wood boring insects. It is used worldwide and has a long history of safety as a wood preservative.

Our products only contain only pure Boric Acid Powder - not to be confused with Borax Soap - Disodium Tetraborate Decahydrate

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Cubing in a skirting board - typical of Dry Rot

Cubing in softwood skirting board as the result of Dry Rot acting on the rear face

Early signs of Dry Rot in a Skirting Board

note the typical large 'cubes'


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